Adventure cat hiking with owner.

You may notice an emerging trend on social media where beautiful furry felines are participating in the great outdoors. Not all cats are lazy home dwellers who sleep and snuggle all day (although we do love those felines, too). Some cats are drawn outside with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Maybe your kitty seems to be interested every time you open the door to outside or your fluff spends her time in the windowsill staring at the buzzing activity outside. Or perhaps you just brought a kitten home with you and are wondering if you can bring them into your outdoorsy lifestyle and go camping, kayaking, or skiing with them. The answer is yes–you can prepare your fluffy companion for the outdoors with some training and safety tools.

Train Every Day

If you are interested in turning your cat into an adventure kitty, you will want to begin training the moment you get them. When they are young, cats are more willing to learn and adjust to new things. Starting with small but frequent trips outside will get them used to that kind of environment and make them more likely to accept it into their life. To keep them safe, you will want to make sure you put your kitty on a leash when they are out of the house. This is something they will also have to adjust to, whether you choose a harness or a collar, so the earlier it is implemented, the better. Some cats take to the leash okay and others may protest for quite awhile. It is important that you be consistent! 

You Got ID?

With your cat spending more time outside, it is important to ensure they wear proper identification in case they become separated from you. If your kitten is not already microchipped, be sure to reach out to us. An external tag is a helpful and easy form of identification, however they can easily break off, which could leave your cat with no identification whatsoever. By microchipping your feline, you greatly increase the chances of being reunited with your adventure pal if you become separated.

Health Optimization

Whether you plan on bringing your cat on a few excursions throughout the year or if you plan to live life perpetually on the road, it is important to maintain your cat’s health so they are ready to take on a new hike anywhere. Your cat may need certain vaccinations and preventive medications to keep them safe from outdoor elements. We can work with you to create the best vaccination schedule and preventive health measures, including dental care and optimal nutrition, to ensure your kitty can remain healthy and active throughout your adventures. It is essential to establish primary care for your cat, but also to plan ahead for each adventure and know where you can access emergency veterinary care services when you are away from home.

Tools of the Trade

Just as you require and pack up equipment for your own solo adventures, you will want to be sure to do the same for your feline companion. While some cats may be keen to hike the terrain themselves, it is important to also have a method for carrying your kitty in case they are tired or the terrain is too dangerous. There are a variety of cat backpacks that you can purchase. Many cat backpacks have a window that your kitty can look out to enjoy the sights. You should also pack cat emergency items, like medications for motion sickness or gastrointestinal upset. Having an extra leash and harness as well as collapsible food and water bowls, treats, food, and plenty of water is advisable. To protect their eyes from bright sunlight, you can even purchase stylish pet goggles, which may launch your furry companion into Instagram fame. If you plan to take your cat on the water, utilize a pet flotation device for safety. If winter time activities are on the agenda, make sure to protect your cat’s paws with booties and provide a light sweater for extended time out in the cold.

Sometimes, cats just want to have fun-outside. With some training and preparation, your furry companion can join the growing pack of adventure cats exploring the great outdoors. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about preparing your cat for an outdoorsy lifestyle.