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All Pet Animal Hospital Is Dedicated to Pet Wellness

At All Pet Animal Hospital, we partner with you to prevent pet illness whenever possible. We believe that routine examinations and education are your pet’s best defense against preventable diseases and health problems.

pet wellness

Your pet’s wellness needs will change throughout each stage of life, but will include:

The Wellness Exam

Each year, your pet should be seen by a veterinarian at All Pet Animal Hospital for a wellness appointment. The wellness exam includes a comprehensive physical examination, checking the gums and teeth for problems, testing for internal parasites, and heartworm testing for dogs. We will discuss nutrition, flea prevention, and any recommended vaccinations, testing, or procedures based on the exam findings and your pet’s age. Our veterinarians take time to understand your concerns and learn about your pet’s lifestyle and behavior, and we will tailor a wellness plan based on your pet’s unique needs.

“Amazing service! Dr. Cailyn Pease was so friendly on the phone and made sure we were well suited because we live far away. My 2 guinea pigs and I appreciated our first visit here!”
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