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Comprehensive Pet Dental Care

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is one of the most important things you can do for overall health. More than 85% of dogs and cats over the age of three have dental disease, which can lead to other serious health problems if not treated.

pet dental care

The mouth can be the gateway for harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Once the bad bacteria are in the bloodstream, vital organs can be harmed, including the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys. Routine cleanings and the repair or removal of problem teeth helps protect your pet.

How do I know if my pet has urgent dental needs?

At All Pet Animal Hospital, we recommend that all pets have routine dental care. However, if your pet has not recently seen a veterinarian for dental care, the follow symptoms could indicate dental disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • Swelling of the jaw or face
  • Rubbing face
  • Refusing food
  • Chewing food differently or one side of the mouth
  • Unusually messy eating
  • Sudden change in behavior
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Eye problems

What will happen at my pet’s dental exam?

Our veterinarian will perform a thorough oral exam while your pet is under anesthesia, looking for problem areas of the mouth including gingival pockets and broken, loose, or missing teeth. If needed, we will use dental X-rays to diagnose the condition of the teeth and jaw, below the surface of what we can see during the exam, and can perform oral surgery to correct any problems. Our technicians will then provide a thorough and professional dental cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler that cleans above and below the gum line. Polishing helps restore the smooth glass-like surface of the tooth and helps reduce a new buildup of tartar.

How do I care for my pet’s teeth at home?

Your pet’s dental health care doesn’t stop once you leave our office. Once we have cleaned your pet’s teeth, our staff will teach you how to properly brush and care for your pet’s teeth at home. We know not everyone can brush their pet’s teeth, so we have alternative products to help you provide dental care at home.

This was our second visit to All Pet Animal Hospital, and I was again impressed with the helpfulness, friendliness and compassion shown by each and every staff member.  I did not have an appointment, but they very willingly fit me in to see the doctor. I cannot imagine entrusting any of our pets to any other vet.
I have used All Pet since 2002 and also visited their 616 S Pike Rd RT 356 Sarver PA 16055 location - 724-295-9933 They are the most pet friendly staff I have ever encountered in the last 35 years as a pet owner. Dr. Person and Dr. Bennett are awesome.
Dr. Bennett is WONDERFUL!!! A great animal lover who takes the time to explain what is going on. I am not that tuned into animal health and had to relay information to my wife. Dr. Bennett photocopied a page out of his animal doctor book for her, I was shocked that he took the time to do that. He then actually showed me the skin scrape under a microscope.
Dr. Bennett took his time with my bird and I feel he did a very through exam. I was satisfied with Dr. Bennett’s concern and his explanation.
I felt as welcomed being a new patient as if I was an old friend. Dr. Bennett was extremely knowledgeable regarding my bird and his situation. Thank you so much for helping me & Jacob, he is doing so well! –Christine Palewski & Jacob
Very friendly, neat, clean and extremely reasonable.
I checked around for a vet that was close, had good hours and was reasonably priced. I was also very impressed by the entire staff and the genuine affection they showed to my new puppy!
I chose this hospital because of the recommendation of The National Aviary.
Dr. Bennett came highly recommended by the reptile keepers at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Everyone was great I felt my tortoise had the best care available.
My experience was vey positive, every person I met was warm, caring, and knowledgeable. So happy to have a great vet nearby home!
Dr. Bennett is one of the kindest people both to my cat AND me!
Dr. Person is detailed and thorough…very good first impression!
Dr. Bennett went above and beyond! Although he had to refer us to a specialty care facility for Primo’s surgery, he has become and will remain our new vet! He was kind, caring and honest…first vet out of 4 that I actually feel comfortable taking my “baby” to. I can’t thank you enough! –Jayme and Primo Wilder
I think your staff was one of the nicest staffs I’ve ever met. I thank you guys for taking care of my puppy!
Thank you for taking such good care of me during my “healing time” after surgery. Sometimes I would get scared and bark a lot, but you always found a way to make me feel comfortable in the end. You are all so kind and so nice to me. Thank you!
–Love, Rocky Schaerer
There are no words to convey our gratitude for your kindness and skill. Things looked bleak for our Grufa Girl, but thanks to all of you (and the powers of prayer) we get to have our girl with us for some additional time. Thank you hardly seems adequate!
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