Is It Okay to Vape Near My Pets?

Pets and vaping.

Your dog or cat is an important part of the family. They curl up on the couch while you watch TV, and sometimes they just hop up for an extra dose of ear scratches. Saying they thrive on attention is an understatement.


Always Better When We’re Together: The Many Ways That Pets Make People Happy

Happy pet owner.

While living with animals might not be for everyone, there is a growing body of evidence that supports the positive impact pets have on our lives. There’s really no arguing that pets make people happy, and how they manage to lift us up is almost magical.


3 Reasons Your Dog’s Penis Sticks Out

Paraphimosis in dogs.

If you’re the proud owner of a male dog, you may occasionally catch a glimpse of his fully exposed private parts—and it will likely be when you’re trying to make a great first impression on a new friend! Most of the time, these situations are temporary, if a tad awkward. But when a dog’s penis is permanently stuck in the outward position, this is a condition called paraphimosis, and it is a veterinary emergency that requires immediate attention. 


A Spoonful of Sugar? Giving Your Pet Medication Successfully

How to give a pet medication.

When your pet is sick, All Pet Animal Hospital’s expert staff is here to help diagnose and come up with a treatment plan. Many times, though, there are things for you to do as a pet owner once your patient leaves the hospital in order to help them get better. So what do you do when your dog is refusing to take medication? Or when it seems impossible to give your cat a pill. Giving your pet medication can be tricky, but we promise that you can do it!


Why Does My Cat Always Knead?

Cat kneading owner.

Referred to as “making biscuits,” cats like to knead soft surfaces, like your tummy or a blanket. Sometimes they knead with their claws extended, which can be painful if they’re kneading on their human. This quirky behavior is a large part of why we love our feline friends so much, but why do cats knead so much, and should you discourage kneading behavior?


Adventure Cats: Take Us With You!

Adventure cat hiking with owner.

You may notice an emerging trend on social media where beautiful furry felines are participating in the great outdoors. Not all cats are lazy home dwellers who sleep and snuggle all day (although we do love those felines, too). Some cats are drawn outside with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Maybe your kitty seems to be interested every time you open the door to outside or your fluff spends her time in the windowsill staring at the buzzing activity outside. Or perhaps you just brought a kitten home with you and are wondering if you can bring them into your outdoorsy lifestyle and go camping, kayaking, or skiing with them. The answer is yes–you can prepare your fluffy companion for the outdoors with some training and safety tools.


Demystifying Exotic Pet Care for the Beginner

Exotic pet care.

Humankind has been fascinated with animals for millennia, and many civilizations left their mark on the domestication of numerous species. Birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and different kinds of small mammals make excellent household pets, but they do come with a learning curve. The more you know about exotic pet care before you adopt, the more prepared you are to meet their unique needs. This not only facilitates your own enjoyment and satisfaction but ensures your new friend will thrive in your home.


Your Dog Smells Like Fish: Here’s Why

Dog looking at a plate of fish.

Being a dog owner introduces a whole new world of smells into your life. From the sweet, skunky scent of puppy breath to “frito feet” and worse, there’s no arguing that dogs are loving, generous, and stinky animals. Sometimes it’s not clear when stinkiness is a simple hygiene problem or when it requires a further look. An unexplained fishy smell coming from your dog can be one of those cases.


My Dog Tested Positive for Lyme Disease–Now What? 

Preventing Lyme disease.

The positive test means that your dog has been bitten by a tick and exposed to Lyme disease.

Exposure to Lyme disease is very different in dogs compared to exposure in people. The good news is that 90-95% of dogs exposed to Lyme disease will be perfectly fine and never develop the illness. The bad news is that your dog was bitten by a tick so we need to be sure effective tick preventatives are being used correctly, year-round. Even in winter, we have occasional mild temperatures and the ticks will be active. Most important is the fact that the ticks in your area are carrying Lyme disease, so if you find an attached engorged tick on yourself or a family member, you need to immediately contact your physician. 


My Older Dog Smells: What Can I Do?

Why does my older dog smell?

When younger dogs are smelly, there is a good bet they rolled in something stinky or tangled with a skunk. With your senior pets, however, you may notice they smell more often, even when they haven’t been outside recently. Health issues are most often the source when an older dog starts to smell bad. In some cases, a wellness checkup with your veterinarian may be necessary to begin treatment to help your pet feel and smell better. The team at All Pet Animal Hospital has put together this guide to help explain why your older dog may smell bad, and what you can do about it.